Koya is now closed but Koya Bar remains

Koya closing 31st May

Koya will be closing its doors for the last time on 31st May 2015. After 5 years of cooking at Koya, Junya Yamasaki will be leaving and returning to Japan. While we would like Koya to stay open indefinitely as an extension of Junya's vision, we feel it will be a derivative that would not be fair to our customers. Koya has been a terrific journey for us all and we do not want that to be diminished.

Koya Bar will remain next door at 50 Frith Street and will continue in Koya’s absence. This is Shuko Oda's version of an Udonya and Shuko will continue to develop and push Koya Bar to its next phase. We are excited to be opening another Koya Bar over the coming months and will reveal details as they are confirmed.

I personally would like to thank Junya for everything he has put in to Koya, opening back in April 2010, his continued dedication driving Koya forward and especially the treat that was The BackBench over the last 12 months. Junya is a special talent, I wish him the best for the future and I hope to see Junya return to London soon.

John Devitt
Company Director