Koya is now closed but Koya Bar remains

The BackBench 14th April 2014

On the anniversary of our fourth birthday Koya offers the chance of booking a seat on Monday 14th April for Lunch at 1.30pm and Supper at 6.30pm and 9pm. There are 5 perches available on the bench per sitting.

The BackBench will give Junya the opportunity to go further than our blackboard has allowed over the last four years and bring a Koya style tasting menu. You will sit together at our bench in Koya and share an intimate dining experience with Junya, only possible to realize in this 5-seat counter.

The Menu will be seven/eight courses. There will be Sake pairings offered on the evening.

The BackBench will become part of Koya's offering with the next date being Monday 19th May (booking opening Monday 12th May at noon). For more dates please keep an eye on our website/twitter or send us an email at info@koya.co.uk for further dates.

Reservations Open (please email) on Monday 7th April at noon and the first to reserve will be offered a booking. Please note that the early Supper booking has a finish time of 8.30pm.

The BackbBench