Koya is now closed but Koya Bar remains

Veg Boxes by Nama Yasai

Our supplier Nama Yasai has been supplying Vegetable boxes for many years and we would like to offer our restaurant as a point of collection for the future. Please see Nama Yasai's website for more details...

“All vegetables are grown by Natural Agriculture® and are picked on the morning of delivery so that they arrive with you only hours from harvest. We grow only in season, mostly outside under the sun to allow plants to develop the best flavour and nutrition. We believe price is important to the majority of customers and aim to give good value.

What’s in a vegetable box? A typical mix in spring might include: daikon, mizuna, kabu, shungiku, karashina, warabi and sansho. In summer edamame, kyuuri, nasu, shishitou, nira and wasabina are available and in autumn gobo, kabocha, komatsuna, hakusai, naga-negi, nigauri and tatsoi are added if available. “

Nama Yasai