Koya is now closed but Koya Bar remains

Supplier List - a selection

SWALEDALE FOODS - Jorge Thomas, from Haworth, near Keighley, sources both beef and lamb breeds through Skipton Auction Mart, including prize-winning show livestock, and direct from local farmers – among them Longhorns from James Hall in Darnbrook, Dexters from Mike Medley in Comwling, Highland cattle from the Harewood Estate as well as Belted Galloways and Aberdeen Angus. http://www.swaledalefoods.co.uk/

YORKSHIRE GAME - supplies Venison, Grouse, Pheasant, Partridge, Wild Duck, Woodpigeon, Hare and Rabbit. http://www.yorkshiregame.co.uk/

PHILIP WARREN - “direct from farm” meat, as professional butchers who farm, since 1880. They still “dry age” and mature meat the traditional way on the bone before cutting for today’s modern consumer. Specialising in suckled native breeds, from Red Devon’s, South Devons, Galloways from the moors, Welsh blacks, true Aberdeen Angus, Red Herefords. The unique Dexter’s and any other old breed that we can be find on the many small hillside farms. - http://www.philipwarrenbutchers.co.uk/

MALDON SEAFOODS - has 3500 acres of the River Blackwater under their management as a native oyster fishery. They also supply wet fish and smoked fish. Shortlisted in the Best Aquaculture producer category in the 2007 Seafood awards.

BENS FISH - founded by Ben Woodcraft in 1995. Ben was an inshore fisherman, located on the Essex coast, with twenty years experience who began by selling his own catch.Today Ben delivers top of the range, just-caught fish straight from our coastal waters direct to London from a converted barn on Mersea Island, Essex, UK. http://www.bensfishmersea.co.uk/

NAMA YASAI - Natural Agriculture™ growers of Japanese vegetables and herbs. No pesticides, herbicides nor artificial fertilizers are used. All produce that we supply has been hand picked by us, that day. http://www.namayasai.co.uk/

NATOORA - have gone to great lengths to find you the best tasting products, sourced from suppliers who share their passion for quality food. They have a network of top local producers to supply you with fresh natural food, including supreme quality meat, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, along with a range of groceries. http://www.natoora.co.uk

CHEGWORTH VALLEY - a family-run fruit farm established in the beautiful Kent countryside in 1983. Famous mainly for its apple and pear juices, in recent years the farm has seen rapid expansion to now include an extensive range of top and soft fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs available seasonally. http://www.chegworthvalley.com/

LANGRIDGE ORGANIC PRODUCTS - specialise in organic wholesale. We are involved in the wholesale and distribution of organic fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk and various other organic products to customers throughout the UK. http://www.langridgeorganic.com/

SUMA - for all Organic Dry Stores and Sustainable Cleaning Materials. http://www.suma.coop/