Koya is now closed but Koya Bar remains

Once a Week Treatment

KOYA is a restaurant of food and space to offer both purity and quality, without exaggeration or pretension.
Believing in noodle power, of its simple and disciplined tradition, combined with a dash of originality, KOYA will be an honest, serious and comfortable restaurant.

We believe our genuine and honest attitude will establish an eatery to be loved by all.


KOYA は肩肘を張らず、気取らず、純粋に美味しいものが食べられるうどん屋を目指しています。伝統に培われた麺の持つ力を信じ、そこにオリジナリティを加え、いつも真剣で正直に、そしてなによりも心が和むような場所。そんな誰もが親しめるような食堂になれればと願っております。